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Coming Soon - A Guidebook For The Rest Of The Country

There are literarally thousands of books telling you how to be a professional actor. Most, if not all of them, are focused on helping the reader gain success in the entertainment centers of New York or Los Angeles.

What about the rest of us? Is it possible to build a career in smaller, regional markets such as Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Houston, and Minneapolis? Harold Phillips thinks so. He wants to share what he's learned in over twenty years as a professional actor working outside the "big cities;" to that end, he's creating The Professional Actor's Guide To Working In Small Markets.

You might note from the title that the focus of this book is not to teach the reader how to be a better actor - there are plenty of books on the market and coaches in cities across the United States who can do that. With this book, Harold seeks to teach the reader how to work in small markets - how to make connections, land the job, build a network of contacts, and create a life for him or herself IN the entertainment industry, but outside the major industry centers.

It's no great secret that the entertainment industry is changing. More and more, production companies are leaving Los Angeles and seeking new locations (and new faces) in communities across the country. Theatrical work in regional and local theaters continues to increase in quality as the parts for local actors become more scarce. The internet has been a boon to independent filmmakers and series creators - many of whom live outside major industry centers. This is truly a book for the 21st century actor who wants to stay in the place he or she lives, but wants to work steadily and build a career.

Watch this site for further information on the book as it comes together. More information can also be found on Harold's Blog and his Twitter Feed.