So, who is this guy? And what makes him think he can write a book?

Photo: Owen Carey
Harold Phillips has worked professionally in theatre, film and television for over 20 years. In that time, he's built a reputation for bringing high professional standards to every project he's involved with, and every community he's worked in.

As with most actors in small markets, Harold's aspirations after leaving college were simple; he wanted to work at his craft in the Pacific Northwest community of Portland, OR. As time went on, however, he came to understand that opportunities existed to create a true career in the "Rose City."

He quickly realized that the skills he'd learned as an actor held him in good stead when he started his own business as a computer consultant and web designer. With time, he learned that he could turn the knowledge and experience he'd gained managing his "day job" towards improving his acting business. He now helps others to build their acting careers through seminars, private coaching, and the upcoming book, The Professional Actors Guide To Working In Small Markets.

Harold continues to act professionally in Portland and throughout the Northwest. Find out more about him and his current projects at