One-on-One Career Coaching To Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Photo: Owen Carey

Harold Phillips doesn't have an MBA. He's not a "business visionary." He doesn't have a "proven system guaranteed to help you get rich." He does, however, have the experience he's gained in twenty years as a working actor.

Harold was cast in his first professional play when he was 16 years old, his first on-camera job the next year, and he's been working steadily ever since - but he's learned some hard lessons about the business side of acting along the way. After starting his own computer consulting and web design business he began to refine the way he manages his acting career - and his booking rate and income have gone up dramatically as a result.

It may be true that "there's no business like show business," but in many ways show business is like any other business you can think of. Goals must be set and pursued. Income and expenses must be managed. Taxes must be paid, and (where possible) deductions must be identified to offset those taxes. Perhaps most importantly, time must be managed and services must be marketed.

Over the years Harold has built a reputation for professionalism and a wide-ranging understanding of the business of show business. He's also shown a great deal of dedication to improving the professionalism of his fellow actors, and raising the bar in local industries he's worked in. Now Harold is offering his experience and guidance to actors at any stage of their careers on a one-on-one basis.

Your personal coaching relationship begins with an introductory session. Harold will meet with you at your preferred work-space, work with you to assess your needs and goals, and help you develop a plan to turn dreams of a show biz lifestyle into a career with a clear path to success. This introductory session, which generally takes about an hour-and-a-half, costs $90.00

Once your relationship with Harold has been established, you'll get together as often as you like - once a month, once a quarter, once a year - whatever works for you. You'll go over your goals (and your plans on how to achieve them) and adjust things as necessary. These check-in sessions, which generally take about an hour, cost $60.00

If you're interested in taking your performing career to the next level, contact Harold to set up a personal coaching session today.