Harold Phillips started acting at an early age. He began acting in community theater productions, and then transitioned to high school and college drama programs while continuing to work in locally produced theater, films, commercials and industrials.

Harold took a lot of classes as he was "coming up," from many wonderful teachers. They gave him the fundamentals of the craft of acting, and helped to shape the technique he uses whenever he gets in front of a camera or steps before an audience. These outside interactions with professionals working in the field, however, were invaluable in shaping his understanding of the career he was seetting out on, and the particular challenges of the life he was planning to lead.

Now Harold is in a position to return that favor. He loves talking about the realities of being a working actor to students of all ages. His hope is that sharing what he's learned with young actors will help to prepare them to enter the profession with their eyes open to the challenges (and rewards) that this life can bring.

Topics that Harold brings to the table when making in-class presentations include:

  • Harold's life, and how he got to where he is now
  • Choosing career goals
  • Best practices on set and back stage
  • Creating a network that will help sustain you
  • The realities of making a living
  • Choosing the right day-job
  • Deciding which market to start a career in... and when to move when the time is right
  • Figuring out if this is the business for you!

Harold is available to to address acting classes in High School, College, and Conservatory settings. He understands the pressures that arts programs in schools around the country face, and has worked to make his rates affordable while still bringing quality information to the students in these programs. Rates include advance discussion with teachers on topics of interest to their students, travel and acomodations outside the Portland area, and a lengthy "Q & A" session after the presentation with interested students.

If you're interested in having Harold address your class or drama program, please contact him to discuss rates and schedule.